Monday, May 26, 2008

Flipper is Growing!

I can't believe how fast a gosling grows. When compared to our turkeys, the turkeys look like they haven't grown at all!

Check out the before and after photos.

April 30th

May 22nd

We took him with us to my mom's house for the Memorial Day picnic and at first no one was very happy. You see, it was supposed to be a work day and they always think I do really crazy stuff so you can imagine. They were very surprised at how good he was.

They expected him to run all over and that we would have to try and catch him but that is the opposite of a goslings behavior. He never moved farther than 10 feet away at any time. If any one in the group walked away he would follow them crying because either he didn't want them to leave or he thought he should follow them. My cousin's 3 year old really loved him, it's great because he will go up to anyone and let them pet him.

During our picnic he just sat quietly on Kevin's lap while we ate, sleeping for a while and then waking up but really calm and quiet.

I got in touch with the "Goose Mother". She is the nicest lady and gave me all kinds of good advice for an indoor goose. She makes and sells diapers and harnesses for geese. There is a link to her website under the picture below. She takes her geese to Renaissance Fairs where she dresses up as Mother Goose. She also takes them to nursing homes to visit. She has one beautiful Sebastopol Goose named Maggie that actually hugs people with her neck (she wraps it around their neck and hugs tight), when she meets them.

This is a picture from her site, I hope she doesn't mind me posting it. How cute is this little baby with his diaper harness!

Kevin caught a really nice largemouth and a couple crappies but the pictures are really small. My sister sent them to me from her camera but I do not know how to make them bigger or even if I can. I hope you can see them. My Mom and Dad live on a really nice private lake. I was really lucky to have grown up there. We swam, fished with our cane poles and played in the woods all day. I never caught a fish like this though!

Flipper really enjoyed my Moms lake and went in swimming with the kids. All in all we had a great time and everyone loved Flipper and I ended up not have to wash windows!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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cindee said...

found your blog and just had to comment on your birdies. I love them too and have chickens and 1 adult female duck and 4 just hatched baby ducks. Geese are so fun. We have raised them before too. What kind is yours? Our female duck spends a lot of time in the house and she will just sit on a towel on a chair or wherever you put her. She is a riot. We love her so much. Sounds like you feel the same about your birds.
We are always adopting some type of animal or I should say the seem to adopt us...(-: