Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Baby Goose

As I sit here typing with one hand, (or is that one finger), I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with one adorable baby goose. Typing with one hand is the result of holding (wrapped up in my shirt), with the other hand said adorable goose. He/she is exactly what I do not want. And that is to get attached to a goose...and guess what, it's already too late, it's done. (I have to go and put him down, it's too hard to type)

Oh gosh, that's better. He's back under the heat lamp. His first 24 hours have been pretty rough. He could hardly hold his head up for awhile but now he is getting better. Every 10 minutes it seems I go in and check on him. Uh oh, I hear him peeping, I'm going to go look....he was on his back, poor little guy. He's all by himself cause he's pretty weak and I am afraid the turkeys would terrorize him. When he is stronger he will have to go in with them, he needs company.

We had five goose eggs but the four other eggs have not hatched yet and they may not. The gentleman that gave them to me said it was pretty cold out when he gathered them up so he was not sure of their hatchability. We have two additional ones that were gathered later when it was warmer but they are not set to hatch until the 11th of May.
I have never wanted geese, I thought they were all nasty, hissing, mean creatures. But how can you not love a fluffy little thing like this? The more I've read the more I've found out that lots of people have geese and they love them and they are not all mean. Plus we have a brand new pond that is practically yelling for something to swim on it. We will see where this adventure leads me.

Sorry that these pictures are not that good. The worst thing has happened, my camera has died again. I sent it back to Canon once to have it fixed but it has died again. These pictures are from my cell phone. It's a new one and a pretty good one too. It's a Razor V9, I guess the latest and greatest from Sprint. Our COD4 friend (thanks again Maverick!) sent it to us. Takes pretty good pictures, check out the one below of the rainbow over our pond. Pretty cool.

The only problem is that I have to take out the battery and then take out the little memory card thing and plug that into an adapter thing and then into my card reader. I'm not sure if we got a USB cord with it. If you read this Mav, let me know. I guess I should try to find the box or ask Kevin but I'm too lazy for that.

Next on our agenda, we have more geese hatching on the 11th (hopefully), Americanas and Phoenix chickens hatching on the 19th and more turkeys on the 26th and then vacation the first week of June.

And so it begins.


ps, We had some very nice people stop by and buy some turkeys and chickens. Thanks to everyone, I hope they bring you all as much pleasure as they do us.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Oh, what a sweet little thing! Never thought I wanted geese either. I hope the little guy pulls through. I loved the geese in the newest movie version of Charlotte's Web.

Grand Life said...

What an adorable little critter. We have Mom and baby Canadian Geese on our lake all summer. Last year we had hatchlings of three different sizes. Also had Mom and baby loons. So fun to watch.
I enjoy your blog.