Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tadpoles and Tree Frogs

We had a birthday party for the oldest last weekend. He decided to have a few friends over and camp out then the next day we had family over for a cookout. It was really nice.

The kids had fun collecting bullfrog tadpoles and swimming.

Little Tree Frog
Kevin's dad (Hi Mike!) found this little guy, actually heard him first, sitting here on this leaf.

I did not realize that geese are mountian climbers. Whatever possesed them to climb to the top of this little hill?

As you can see, they are not very good climbers.

I'm back to work after being layed off for for most of five months. If only they had called me back after canning season. The garden is coming along great- corn, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, beets and beans are really growing good. Cucumbers, not so good, hopefully they'll come around.

Til next time,


Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Dock, Vegetable Garden and Flower Garden Fix-up

Amy (my sister) and her husband Tom came over Sunday and helped us get a few things done. It's so much more fun when some one's here to help. Tom is a major motivator so we got a lot more done that we planned.

Amy and I went and bought some mulch, I really like the dark mulch better. Everything looks so much brighter against the dark.

Here's my butterfly bushes trying to come back, also some moonflowers.

Here's my row of beans in the garden. We are going to put a row of fence down the middle.

I have three pumpkins. Here's one of them.

I snuck some morning glories into the corner. I'm so glad they came up-the seeds are from last year. My husband only wanted to grow edible items and only practical ones at that. I can't wait to make pickled beets but he's more worried about tomatoes, beans and corn

Cauliflower and broccoli.

The first row is lettuce, the second carrots. He plowed rows so that the whole thing has raised beds. There are low spots here and this way nothing will get drowned. We also mulched everything heavily with some old hay that was given to us.

Corn that needs to be thinned. It will kill me to pull them out. I should have planted thinner and put in another row. All the seeds sprouted it looks like.

Maybe tomorrow I will do it. I think I have to thin to eight to ten inches? Anybody ever leave it closed than that? Hmmmmmmm?

Here's the potato planter almost exactly one month ago.

They are really filling it up. We need to add dirt.

Wow, look at them grow!

And here is the dock waiting for paint.

The front part.

It's getting paint now, paint sprayers are the best!

Front done but not dry.

Everything for the dock we had here, it's all leftovers from other projects or we had free stuff so it didn't cost us anything.

This is some stain we had left over from our deck. We weren't crazy about the color but it was free! It was all gloppy and had some big chunks of dried stuff in it that would have clogged up the sprayer. I needed to figure out some kind of filter.

So I found some screen and an old coffee can. Made some clips with electric fence wires and it worked pretty good.

I had to change the screen after every batch.

See how much it darkens up when dry? Blended the different kinds of wood pretty good.

Top done too.
Installed, the kids are loving it and it is pretty fun to sit at the end and watch the fish.

Til next time,