Monday, March 8, 2010

New Homemade Benches

The picture below was my inspiration for a set of new benches for our large table.
(I don't know why it says "click to enlarge", it was on the picture.)

Our table is heavy pine and we needed something new for the benches. You see, this is what we are currently using.....

And we really needed something newer, ya think?

So... we got out the Kreg drill tool.

Bought some legs and lumber at Lowe's...

Some special hardware for attaching legs and sides to tables.

And this is how it turned out. It's ok but it is a little too low. We are going to make some adjustments, thicker boards on top and maybe an additional ball foot at the base like the table has. It would match better and make it a little higher. Then we'll stain and varnish to match the table. (I cannot get this font to change back to regular size, it's not supposed to be large!)

A Weekend Fun Lunch!

Start with this and some of ...

these and then....

brown some of this or just some regular burger.

Yummy so far.

Pour half of the chips on a big ole pizza pan.

Sprinkle some of this...

and then get yourself a couple packs of this.

Mix the powder with some cool water..

Then add it to some boiling water and stir, stir, stir then...

Add some real cheese, any kind you like.

Then pour some salsa and cheese sauce over chips and add another layer of chips..

And Pour cheese all over and you get this!
I would've added tomatoes, olives, lettuce and whatever else sounded good but I didn't have any.

Then hurry and get some or it will disappear fast!

Then after feeling so guilty for having junk food for lunch, (with Pepsi to drink)

You will make a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.

Yummy too!

Then you will break down and make some chocolate cookies for dessert.

I searched the Internet for some cookies made with cocoa and found these, really good but would have been awesome with the chocolate chips that it called for, didn't have any of those either.

That's one big beater to lick.

Really nice and soft, a little crispy on the edges. All in all a really tasty weekend.
Til next time,