Saturday, March 22, 2008

Incubating Turkey Eggs!

I am so beyond excited! We are going to start some eggs in our incubator today. We have saved up 14 eggs and we will add any that are laid today. I am really afraid that some may have gotten too cold before we brought them into the house but it will be a learning experience that I will thoroughly enjoy. I have kept them in a box, covered with a towel, on the floor by an exterior door. This picture show 3 turkey eggs next to an Americana egg.

We do not have a basement so the only place that was cool enough was on the floor near the door. It is a little drafty so it is cooler than the room temperature so I was hoping it would work. I have done some research and it said that the eggs can be kept for a couple weeks in a cool dark place. Here is the incubator that Kevin gave me for my birthday. I will have to turn the eggs by hand two or three times a day. We have an automatic egg turner but it will not work for turkey eggs, only chicken eggs. Something about turkey's legs being hurt by standing on end through the incubation period or something like that. Not sure but I don't mind turning them. " And oh, by the way, lucky us!" (she said sarcastically) We got four, five or maybe even six more inches of snow last night. It is a record snow fall for the month of March for our area.

We left for work 10 minutes early this morning only to turn back when we realized we would still be late. The roads had not been plowed at all. Oh well, I got to come home and pay bills and blog, way better than working.
Lovey, lovely snow!

My turkeys have been fighting! We may separate them but for now we are hoping they will get over it. I took a video of them and have attempted to upload it and have it here so we will see what happens after I post this. Here's hoping it works!

They said warmer weather next week, mid to upper 50's. I'm really happy except I get to wade through poopy mud for a month or two, NICE!

We ordered six blueberry bushes (two each of three different varieties) and three bush cherry trees. I have never seen cherry bushes before but they say all kinds of good things about them. Can't wait.

Spring is coming....sob, sniffle...soon.

Here's to warmer weather dreaming,

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Anyone living in northeastern Ohio will understand how ready I am for spring. We just had a terrible ice storm that left 175,000 people without electricity for a couple days. The electric company said (in a recording) that as of 9:00pm on Wednesday night they had restored power to 150,000 people, guess who was in the 20,000 that did not have power yet? ME! That was totally unacceptable to a person who uses the Internet for almost all of everything!

(can anyone guess what it is that caused the ice to freeze like this?)

No banking, no blogging, no searching, no shopping, no checking on things, no working on my website, no checking the weather, no checking kids grades, no Halo or COD4, no looking up phone numbers, no emailing, no emails to read, nothing, nothing, not!

Oh, I almost forgot, no heat in the house, no TV to watch, no flushing toilets, no lights (even though I would still flick the switches every time I walked into a room), no microwave, no coffee for him, no tea for me, no computer, no clocks (well we do have 2 battery ones but I had to walk clear over to them all the way across the house at 3:00 am and hold up my battery powered light to see them when I thought I was late for work and I don't even have to get up until 4:30 am .... nice!), nothing for the kids to do although we still made the 9 yr. old read her books by candlelight even though it supposedly hurt Abe Lincolns eyes.

(Our frozen back yard.)

I'm kinda lying about the no tea and coffee thing. What I really meant was we had no Bunn Coffee Maker and no Hotshot for my tea. Luckily we have propane that we use to heat our water and cook with so we could cook but that meant actually boiling water for tea and making instant coffee. How archaic, actually boiling water for tea! The Hotshot is the best thing ever made. It heats water in like 90 seconds (I'll go look and see how long it really is, hold it is right off the ad.

"Sunbeam 6170 Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser" Heats up to 16 oz water from room temperature to steam point in 90 seconds - faster than a microwave "

It's awesome. I will try to find it on Amazon so I can put a picture of it in my ads so you can see it. I love it!(UPDATE: found item and put it in my Amazon ads.) It is so much better than microwaved water, something happens to it when it is microwaved, yuck!

Below is a picture of our Turkey flying to his roost. They just keep on roosting up there, snow, ice rain or shine.)

Our power finally came on at about 4:00am, just in time to have to go to work with no bath the night before. A sponge bath just doesn't cut it. The last time our power went off Kevin and I and the kids were sitting around a candlelit table trying to see good enough to play a board game. He and I thought we were having a really cozy snowy winter day bonding moment with the kids when all of sudden the lights came back on and up the kids jumped and off to their rooms they went to do their thing with stuff that takes electricity. (Kevin even wanted to keep the lights off and continue our game but they weren't interested.)

And then, to add insult to injury we had a major SNOWSTORM the next week which was Friday, two days ago. (Thank goodness we didn't lose power or Internet access.) They even shut down our plant and made us all go home at 2:30 pm on Friday. In the history of our plant, this has never happened. We now have new corporate owners which must be softy's cause the old owners would NEVER do that. You came to work no matter what. They would say "You have lived in Northeast Ohio all your life, you are used to snow, just leave early and GET HERE!"

Here is Puppy trying to hop around in the snow. This shows how deep it is. I had to call and call her to come over to where the snow was deep, plus I had the camera which she hates. The dogs don't like going potty in deep snow. They just go to the foot of the steps of the deck and do their business right there in the walkway that Kevin shoveled. Really nice!

Luckily, the chickens and turkeys have their little lean-to to hide under. It's pretty cozy. We have one Buff Orpington that is broody and won't stop sitting. Her favorite spot is on the hay bale under the roof. Unfortunately, it did not keep all the snow off of her.

You can see her all covered in snow.

Poor thing....Kevin brushed her off so she wouldn't get too cold.

This is Cleo, our Chow/Lab mix. The snow does not even melt when it is on her. She will lay on the porch and be almost covered and she doesn't feel a bit of cold cause of her Chow coat insulation. Puppy wants so bad for her to run and play in the snow but she is about 9 years old and doesn't feel like cavorting in deep snow. She will play all day when she doesn't have lug her chubby behind (actually it is her tummy that is fat) through 15 inches of snow.

Soon, this is how it will look here. I see where people in other places are already starting their gardens and I feel incredibly.... umm, not jealous but sad, kinda. I love living here near my family but what in the world can the people that live here be thinking! If you had a choice when you came to America in the 1700's or whenever it was, why would you pick Ohio? It must have been summer and they had no idea what winter would bring! Or else their dream was to be a trapper.

OK, I had to add this picture just because, people with cats will understand.
Spring is coming everyone! And be glad your ancestors picked somewhere else to settle!
(except the Farm Chick cause she just lives across the county from me)
Here's to warm thoughts,