Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It has to be a quickie

I had to run to Cleveland after work today and pick up my brother-in-law. He and my husband are going hunting in the morning and then my sister Amy will drive down tomorrow. Then tomorrow about 4:00 we are all having our Thanksgiving at my other sister, Diane's house. As my brother-in-law and I were on the way home, I got a call from my husband and he said that he had just had some deer walk up his blind and he got one! So as soon as we got home it was off to the check-in station and then home to start butchering. Well, it is going to be a little hectic with me having to grind deer burger while trying to roast a turkey. I'm not sure if it is cold enough to let it hang for a day or two.

Here is my sister Amy, me and Kevin last summer on her new 4-wheeler. And in this next picture is her husband Tom, on the left, all ready for bow season.

And here is the one they got tonight. Most definitely better than any grocery store meat anywhere.

I am having trouble uploading the pictures that I need for the rest of my chicken story. I'll try again when things slow down a little Friday. Plus I want to figure out how to tag someone and answer the questions on my blog. It is 9:15 PM and we haven't eaten yet. I had to post this real quick so my sister in Cleveland could see the deer and I am surprising her by putting a picture of her in. She is my blog fan!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who was more scared, him or me?

I took this picture of this little guy last summer and we have only seen him a couple of times since. Well, early this morning I went for a walk in the woods all by myself. It was a little wet and chilly but I was bundled up and really enjoying the quiet, peacefulness of the woods. I was walking down a narrow path behind this barn at the back of the property when I just about ran smack dab into him.

As I was turning onto another path, right in front of me is that same little guy only not so little anymore. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He looked huge and his antlers looked really big! My husband was not too happy that I may have spooked one of the few bucks that we have on the property. Well, he bounded a few yards away and stopped dead in his tracks, stood wagging his tail, very annoyed and looked at me as if to say "what in the world are you doing here!" I believe this is what he expected to see.

This beautiful girl has been visiting our farm all summer helping herself to the apples and sampling the clover we have planted along our pond. The other day we had 6 more just like her, 2 does, each with a set of twins.
This photo was taken out of my front door last summer. The mama would eat the larger apples and the twins would munch nearby on the crabapples that had fallen from a tree .

Yes, I believe this is exactly what he had on his mind this cold chilly morning. He was definitely not thinking about feeding chickens and turkeys, gathering eggs, piles of laundry and wondering how to get it all done with a broken washer and the fix-it guy not coming until Monday and worse yet,we are almost out of clean socks! We are down to the ones we never wear because they don't have matches or are holey.

No wonder we almost ran into each other. We both were deep in thought...

And I am positive that I was more scared than him!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spring Summer Fall

As you can see, SPRING...SUMMER...FALL or I guess winter.
(actually I kind of missed fall because the last shot was taken this morning)

Our farm used to have a lovely orchard on the east side of the property and there are apple and pear treees scattered all over. The orchard was neglected but we are trying to save what we can. These two trees happen to be in the front yard.
This spring was really great for the apple trees. Beautiful blossoms all over. Then, really nice, surprisingly large apples, although they were really buggy. Next year we plan on doing some pruning and we want to find some type of non dangerous spray. Already can't wait!

Not for Thanksgiving anymore!

This turkey is now the one we are NOT having for dinner next thursday. Somebody had to go and mention that ever since they saw his picture he is their buddy. Unfortunatly for the guy in the background, it might be him.

The Beginning

Not very original but a start never-the-less.