Monday, October 20, 2008

No Camera!

I left my camera at my sister's house, horrors. I can't blog without pictures. I will have her bring it to work tomorrow. Until then, here are some pictures of my new sheets. They are all wrinkled because I hung them on the line to dry.

I was afraid Kevin wouldn't like them but he thought they were fine (I was afraid the ruffles would throw him off.) The first night we slept with them he said that in the middle of the night he felt a huge spider or a small mouse run acrossed his chest and threw back the covers, completely freaked out but nothing was there. He thinks it was the ruffle. Ha ha!
Here they are with my comforter, it looks great from afar but if you get in a little close the wear and tear shows.
Here's the closeup below.

Yikes, it looks like a tiger clawed it. I am trying to find another one about this same shade of mud with lots of pattern in it. Kevin says we have to make sure that whatever we get matches doggy footprints after running outside on a rainy day. In other words, the dogs will run right in and jump on the bed no matter where they've been.

I always keep a dark blanket on it when we are at work but sometimes Cleo likes to make a bed, or I guess more like a nest (the way she digs around) and they seem to end up on the comforter. Sometimes even the sheets get muddy, more like the edges. My dogs are worth it though.


See... she's on the sheets. If you notice, these sheets are mud colored. We had to quit using them though because they always slip off the mattress. Hate that. Hence the new sheets that are a little better quality.

What a sweetie!

Always on the bed. It's funny though, when we go to sleep Puppy won't stay on the bed. No matter what we do, even if we pet her. As soon as the lights go out she jumps up and goes and lays on her bed on the floor. Cleo will though, snoring and panting as long as I let her stay. You can't sleep with the panting though, bounces the whole bed.

Til next time with hopefully farm pictures.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Frosty Morning

I had gone out to feed the birds and looked over at Walnut tree and saw this. Kinda eerie!

Look at the feathered children with frost at their feet, they're not cold though, they have built in goose down.
Look closely at Flippers bill, he has been fighting through the fence with the big turkeys off and on.
There are holes pecked in it. When he was really young one of the chickens pecked him and I think he has held a grudge. Flipper starts honking at the turkeys and gets louder and louder, all the while trying to grab them through the fence but he's not so quick, he loses. Buddy stays completely out of it. He's has a totally different temperament then his brother (or sister, still not sure yet).
Kevin moved the bell waterer from the meat bird pen to the coop area. This is the best. I was having to fill four waterers every three days. About 20 gallons every three days, what a pain. Now, look at my 55 gallon waterer! I only wish we could keep it frost free for the winter. If anybody know how I would pay good money for the info.

The waterer stays perfectly clean, it's up off the ground kinda high so I pushed a skid up close so the littler guys could reach.

Remember the eight little guys that the wonderful Bronze mamas diligently sat on for a month and have been taking so good care of? Well, we lost one real early.

Then another disappeared, then another....

And then there were four....rotten, lousy, #$%&*#@ hawks!

Friday, all that was left of one was his two little wings, bitten off and left there, it took the whole body and flew away with it. They are the smallest birds that we have left.

Does anyone know a good hawk deterrent? He has been sitting out on that same Walnut tree off and on this morning, I had been watching for him when I noticed the mist in the pictures above. Uh oh, Kevin just told me that the mama and the babies are down by the pond, I better go and watch them.

Til next time,