Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend in Pictures!

The first part of our weekend was spent in Killbuck, a small town in southern Ohio, at Kevin's brother's log cabin in the woods.
The driveway, or should I say the rocky trail to the cabin is treacherous. If it's rainy you don't get out at all. You can get in, it's all downhill, but you can't get out.

It was built in the mid 1800's, does have electricity does not have running water.

It overlooks a large valley with a creek running down the middle but the trees are so thick that the view is only trees.

The kids had fun on the four wheeler.

The apple does not fall...

The oldest brought his airsoft guns and destroyed many pop cans.

It's a good thing no bunnies ran by.

Then they brought the big guns out.

Must go check out the target.

Yep, we hit it!

If you notice, this used to be a whole tree but much target practice has caused it to come apart at the seams.

Uh oh, he brought along electronics to pass the time.

A tour of the cabin...

the kitchen,

the living room...

and the bathroom. Yikes!

The distance to the cabin from the bathroom...pretty scary in the dark

This is Paul, the owner of the cabin and he needed a rock moved.
First he managed to break into manageable pieces.



Then they loaded it up on the front of the four wheeler.

It's easier to hold a giant rock and drive a four wheeler at the same time if you stick out your tongue.

They moved them over to the artesian well so that you don't have to walk on the wet ground to get to the spring.

The spring.

They put a tube in the end of the pipe and fed it downhill into a barrel to collect water.

Behind Mike (Kevin's dad), you can see the trailer that he fitted with a large piece of black plastic. He filled it with water in order to heat it up for his morning bath. A really hillbilly hottub.

The other half of our Memorial Day Weekend.

Started with a picnic at my sister's house and Rascal had fun!

So did Tom, don't ever leave him alone with your camera!

He wasn't drinking either.

Tom and Amy.

This is Norm and he is the MASTER BUILDER! He built his own house, the really cool shed in the background and a beautiful little fish pond which I of course neglected to get a picture of. My mom and dad in the background.

Then we moved to the lake at my mom's house for some swimming fun and beverage fun at the Tiki Bar (Which Norm and Tom built, I helped too.) My beverage is ice tea but some of the others like the brew.

The guys are out at the raft playing Water Wedge. It's a game where somebody hits golf balls at a big tub on the raft, trying to hit the tub and get a hole in one. It's only happened twice, once last year and then on Memorial Day (actually it was Sunday) Tom got one! The guys and girls on the raft dive for the ones that miss, you could try to catch one if you wanted but it would hurt!

Lee was hitting the balls for them and he did a great job!.

The oldest and his girlfriend had fun too!

Little Charlie slowly moved in to get onto the picture.

The Lake crowd.

If you were looking for Kevin he was mostly fishing.

Til the sun went down and mosquitos came out and we went home.
Til next time,