Saturday, March 22, 2008

Incubating Turkey Eggs!

I am so beyond excited! We are going to start some eggs in our incubator today. We have saved up 14 eggs and we will add any that are laid today. I am really afraid that some may have gotten too cold before we brought them into the house but it will be a learning experience that I will thoroughly enjoy. I have kept them in a box, covered with a towel, on the floor by an exterior door. This picture show 3 turkey eggs next to an Americana egg.

We do not have a basement so the only place that was cool enough was on the floor near the door. It is a little drafty so it is cooler than the room temperature so I was hoping it would work. I have done some research and it said that the eggs can be kept for a couple weeks in a cool dark place. Here is the incubator that Kevin gave me for my birthday. I will have to turn the eggs by hand two or three times a day. We have an automatic egg turner but it will not work for turkey eggs, only chicken eggs. Something about turkey's legs being hurt by standing on end through the incubation period or something like that. Not sure but I don't mind turning them. " And oh, by the way, lucky us!" (she said sarcastically) We got four, five or maybe even six more inches of snow last night. It is a record snow fall for the month of March for our area.

We left for work 10 minutes early this morning only to turn back when we realized we would still be late. The roads had not been plowed at all. Oh well, I got to come home and pay bills and blog, way better than working.
Lovey, lovely snow!

My turkeys have been fighting! We may separate them but for now we are hoping they will get over it. I took a video of them and have attempted to upload it and have it here so we will see what happens after I post this. Here's hoping it works!

They said warmer weather next week, mid to upper 50's. I'm really happy except I get to wade through poopy mud for a month or two, NICE!

We ordered six blueberry bushes (two each of three different varieties) and three bush cherry trees. I have never seen cherry bushes before but they say all kinds of good things about them. Can't wait.

Spring is coming....sob, sniffle...soon.

Here's to warmer weather dreaming,


Don said...

That Americauna (sp) egg is beautiful! I am hatching out 18 Coturnix quail in my classroom this week and am looking forward to how that turns out. I also am interested in how your endeavor goes. Good luck!

sugarcreekfarm said...

How fun, can't wait for baby turkey pictures! We had snow this weekend, too, but not nearly as much as you!

Anonymous said...

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