Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to find the Energy................

I have about 15 million things to write about but I would have to write five pages to keep up with all the goings-on here. I have people calling like crazy for turkey poults but I am sold out until the 20th or so. It's so hard because I have to tell people that I will have poults after the 20th but like that old adage "Don't count your turkeys before they hatch" it's hard to believe they will hatch. It still is so exciting every time I see a pipped egg I can't tell you! It takes all my willpower to NOT help them out. I do cheat though and help a little.

I have Americanas hatching and the colors are amazing. Everyone is kinda different. I will go right now and take a picture so you all can see....(It's 7:48, I'll see how long it takes me, cause I have to use my cell phone, my camera died............OK, I'm back and it's 7:54, not bad considering all I have to go through to download them)

Let's see how the pictures turned out

Not too bad.

When this one in the bottom of the picture pipped I could see it's little beak and it was black! I could not wait to see it. It's the only black beaked one. Very cool.

The little one in the center hatched an hour ago, still not sure what color it will be, not quite fluffed up yet.

I love the little one with the eyeliner. When it hatched it eyes looked HUGE! It was the black eyeliner, it looked deformed it eyes looked so big.

We put the babies in with our second gosling. (not Flipper but this one has no name yet, trying very hard to not have him imprint on us!) They think he's mama and won't leave him alone. They freak him out though but he is getting used to them, letting them snuggle up when they sleep. We had originally put this gosling in with Flipper but Flipper was beating the tar out of him. He would grab the feathers on the baby's neck and jerk him all over so we separated them. Flipper is still with two turkeys and he lays with them and tries to groom them. I think they are starting to like it. Very strange to see a giant gosling nuzzling a little turkey. (Little refers only to size as the turkeys are older than Flipper.)

Of course, I had to include a picture of him. All he wants is for us to hold him. He is even bigger now than when this picture was taken, he can reach the top of his cage. with his little beak...or I guess I should say bill. I went in search of a bigger cage today but came up empty handed. I will keep looking because I think we will have him with us in the house for a while.

He has become very attached to us. No one told me that a gosling will imprint on you. While researching goose stuff I found out that a gosling will become so attached that they won't accept other geese or breed or anything. I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM! Although he does seem happy and kind of content with the turkeys maybe because he was in with the turkeys when he first came out of the incubator.

He is the cutest thing too! He has ten times more personality than the chickens or turkeys we have had. I will take more movies and try to capture his behaviors. So sweet.

See ya everyone, gotta go tuck kids in and turkeys and chicks and a goose!


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Robbyn said...

I love your poultry! The gosling is too cute, and the Ameraucanas are gorgeous...don't you love the different colors? Can't wait to see what they look like when they're older, too!