Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here he is!

After deciding on a name, either Olivia if it's a girl or Oscar if it's a boy we found out that there is no way to know if it's a boy or girl for a long long time. We had to come up with a gender neutral name. After throwing out names like Pat, Chris and the like, one of the kids suggested we call him/her Flip Flop.

We shortened it down to Flipper and everyone is happy except me cause I have been singing the theme song to the TV show in my head nonstop for about five days now. "Flipper, Flipper, faster then liiightning, no one you smarter then heeeee". OMG! Can't stand it. Every time I walk past his/her pen I sing it. Sometimes I call him/her Happy Feet cause his (I'll just say his or he from now on)cute little webbed feet are so different than the turkeys. He has a lot more personality too. He tries to groom you when you hold him, nibbling on your shirt or fingers.
One of the remaining two goose eggs pipped yesterday and it is so frustrating having to wait for it to hatch on it's own. They tell you over and over again not to help but it's cute little bill is poked through and it is peeping very sadly. I just know it is saying "Help me help me." It's been about 20 hours since it pipped so I will wait some more.

I will update when it hatches.

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