Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gosling Update

It seems as if I have a strange gosling. The gentleman that gave me the egg said that they were mostly Ebden, a little bit something else but they would look like an Ebden. Ebdens are all white. Well Flipper is all Ebden looking but the second one is definitly not. The first difference that I noticed was that he seeemed darker, Flipper's newly growing down is snow white but the younger one is darker. Then I noticed some definite dark tail feathers. Very grey, some white but mostly grey. And then it was strange because the baby feathers on top of his head in one spot were alwalys messed up. Well look at him now.

How funny is his head! I guess he must be a tufted variety. Below is a picture of some tufted geese that I found on the web...(sorry if they are copyrighted, believe me I'm not making any profit from these and I would be glad to give you credit if I knew where I found them)...His head looks just like theirs.

You can really see his little fluffy bump in this next picture.

Here he is next to Flipper and you can see how much darker he is. I am so glad they are going to be different. I can't wait til they get bigger and grow all their feathers.


cindee said...

They are so cute. It is nice they are both different and you can tell them apart(-:

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

How cool that you have a "pet" gosling. I love that he is a cuddler! And stays close by. What a site to see.
Looking forward to more pictures and reading of all the adventures he(?) will bring.