Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally, Eggs and an Update on the Snyders

I'm finally getting eggs! First I had four one day and then a couple days later I went in and found all these. I really love the dark olive green ones. We crossed Americana hens with a Barred Rock rooster and ended up with these really great dark olive eggs.

The pale blue one on the right above is from the Americana and the ones behind it are from the cross. It doesn't make them taste any better but it sure is fun collecting them.
An Update on the Snyder Family:
They recently got a nice, three bedroom house trailer to move onto their property. They put it alongside an existing pole barn which they quickly converted into a big living room and storage. Now they have room for everybody again. The kitchen in the trailer is really bright and roomy and my friend, Gay, is so happy to be living and cooking in her own house again.
I went to a spaghetti dinner and silent auction benefit for the family last night. There was a huge turnout and the whole basement of the church was full. The spaghetti was delicious and the big piece of chocolate cake for dessert was awesome! I bid on a few things and was really excited when I won.

Look what I won!
Isn't this antique picture really beautiful! I absolutely love it. I also won two vases which I gave to Gay to take home. I hope she likes them. One was a beautiful pink with flowers and the other was a really pretty blue.

I also won this yummy banana spice cake and had to have a piece as soon as I got home. I am still full this morning.

I also won this!

Ins't this the coolest cupboard. It's made from really old, weathered barn siding and has three shelves inside.

It makes me happy just to look at it and I was so excited to show Kevin. He loved it too.

Here's the whole entire Snyder family. There were all there last night along with Gay's sister from Hilton Head, NC and Dan's (Gay's husband) mom and sister. I think Gay's family filled up half of the church's basement all by themselves!
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Barbara said...

WOW I love your chicken, and all those eggs, my dh is building me a chicken coop now, in a couple weeks I am getting chickens again, Oh I love them fresh eggs, I am truly excited. I love your blog, I have a photo of my chicken coop in my blog too if you want to see what will shelter my hens.. Hugs Barbara