Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Way Over It!

Well, well, well......... now it's time to test everyone's patience. Christmas was almost two months ago and now what do we look forward to. It's nowhere near time to even think about getting excited for spring. The other day I told someone that I think spring is in the air and they looked at me like I was crazy, I'm not kidding. I really wanted to believe it.
Two days later we got dumped on. I think it was 400 inches that we got here in the snow belt. (Any people south of the Mason Dixon line will never understand.)
People say I shouldn't complain, you live in Ohio, get used to it.
They just don't understand.
I don't think they have to carry five gallon buckets of water to their chickens through 45 inches of drifted snowbanks. Trying to maneuver along a thin trail that the dogs have carved out is impossible. The bucket of water bumps along, usually dumping a half a gallon down my leg and into my boot. Although I actually did get some eggs yesterday! FOUR, yes, four from 12 chickens. That's all since the first of January.
This spring I'm investing in Australorps! I'm going to thin out the flock and get some chickens that actually lay eggs. I'll keep my favorites hens though, the ones that I love. (Which is actually all of them so it's going to be really hard!)

This guy has decided to start sitting up at the top of this tree. It barely looks strong enough to hold him. My brother in law, Tom said it looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

Look how funny. He's lucky he's so beautiful because yesterday we went round and round. Him trying to kill me and me trying to get away from him. I ended up wrestling him to the ground, laying on him, with one arm around his body the other hand around his neck (so he wouldn't peck my eyes out). Yelling at him, explaining that I can't clean his water bucket if he is trying to kill me. I think I almost strangled him, the look on his face was crazy. And by the way, he is huge and scary. I had to wrestle him down two times and then he almost left me alone... let's just say he was a little more respectful of the crazy woman.

The other day when I pulled into the driveway after getting home from work I saw that he had flown over the fence, probably from this perch. He ran to the car and commenced to try to surround me. His head reaches up above the car window and he was staring at me, chattering, daring me to come out. If you've never heard a mean turkey- that is the sound they make when they want to kill you, it's kinda like a really mean chattering sound but it ends with a really cute sigh. I'll have to try and record him sometime. I got the snow brush from the back seat of the car and used it as a defense weapon to get out. If I have any kind of long stick in my hand I can bonk him on the head with it and he will back away.

Here is the 400 inches, of course it's not 400 but it may as well be.

This freezer is on the back porch, (how hillbilly is that) anyway, look at the snow and how it drifted. Funny, huh? I couldn't wait for Kevin to get up and show him but it collapsed shortly after this. It was still dark out (maybe 5:30 a.m.) when I took this picture.

That's a lotta snow on that table. Looks like 400 inches to me!

The doggies making their way to go potty. That's similar to the path that I walk through to the chicken house, nice huh. Kevin plowed it once for me but it was just before we got the 400 new inches.

Even with all the snow and everything there is still one thing to look forward to in February!

A box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne.
If you've never had Austi Spumati champagne you need to try it. It's not expensive either. At least this bottle wasn't. I think Kevin said it was like $15.00, not too bad for a special occasion?
Happy Valentines Day Everybody!


small farm girl said...

That is a lot of snow. I'm there with you, I think it is 400 inches. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Kelle said...

Beth, glad to see you are fairing well*wink* We got 8" of new snow from yesterday afternoon til morning.

What is that a picture of in the tree, I guess I'm not seeing it like it's supposed to be, remember I am blonde*wink*,LOL!

Happy Valentines Day!

Kevin and Beth said...

It's my tom turkey sitting up there.

sariah said...

I thought you had a big vulture up there for a minute. :-)

My chickens weren't laying too well either, this winter. But the duck laid an egg faithfully everyday all winter long! I am so sad we have to give all our "livestock" away.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I would have paid to see you wrestling that turkey! Priceless! They do give great personality to the barnyard and make for some great stories with all their massive size and determination.
The tree truly does look like something out of Dr.Seuss.
I am feeling a bit more clear headed and so many blogs I need to play ctch up with. If you have any particular topic you would like to discuss for my spotlight video of your place, let me know. I am orking with a cheapy camcorder but am reaching out in hopes of a sponsor for a higher quality to use in my upcoming series. Hopefully by decent weather I will have one...and my vehicle may have a few additions of magnetic signs sporting sponsor names...LOL.