Saturday, January 31, 2009

Winter, Cold, Cold, Cold

It's winter and I got nothing!

This is what it looks like outside. It's so hard to water chickens in the winter. I use a garden hose to fill my heated buckets and drain them out really good so they don't freeze. Well it froze a couple days ago and I had to drag 50' of hose into the house and let it thaw. That hose is heavy! The birds go through so much water that I have to fill the the buckets about every other day, brrrr! On goes my snowmobile suit and out I go. My gloves almost always get wet trying to hook up the hose, oh brother. Plus, Flipper and Buddy take a bath in their water and slobber food into it so I have to dump their bucket and rinse it every couple days. I guess it could be worse.

My blackberries. So very cold.
On another note, I love this gate, I forget where I found this picture. I really want a gate and fence like this.
Also, I want my garden to look like this. Karl, over at pile of o'melys gardens like this.

I hope we can do this this spring. I love this cute little picture.

Anyways, see I got nothing, every time I watch the weather I'm always hoping for warmer temps. I think we may get 40 degrees for one day, tomorrow then it's back to the 20's.

I am so excited to hatch some eggs that I can't think.

Til next time,

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The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

We too are putting in a bean arbor like karl! I have been drooling since he used the bamboo a year or two back. panda is getting her own corner to have one done with pole beans and morning glories.
Are those not just the coolest?
I found my yellow pear tomato..i am so very sorry i had not gotten it to you. please forgive me... How bout I put some tobacco seed in with it? Check over the kinds I listed on the blog and see if there is any that would appeal to you guys. if you want a bit of all 4, that's fine too. They should be here in the next week. I plan to start them in the seedling trays under grow lights to give them a head start.
see ya around!