Friday, January 16, 2009

Time For Some Change!

You all may not think that we need to update and if that is true then you all are stuck in the bad paneling days of the 70's and 80's like my house.This was what my looked like bedroom, thankfully I can say WAS!

We had way too much heavy furniture-entertainment center, computer desk and too much stuff on the walls-pictures, cork boards crossbows (Yes, we had not one but two crossbows on our wall over the bed.)... time for a change!

This is where our bed was and you can still see the hooks for the crossbows and there is a crossbow accessory still hanging on it. (I think it is a rope to assist with cocking it.)

I took the day off for my birthday and called my sister, Amy over to help and we got busy. The night before Kevin and I emptied most of the junk and Amy helped with the rest in the morning. Then I sanded it all with my cool little mouse sander and then we started to prime.

Kevin is not into painting but he comes in at the end when we don't care anymore and touched up all the spots that we missed. Which were quite a few!

Not sure what Amy was doing here, something with the roller.

Then we started to paint. The color looks a little strange but it is really good in real life.

I painted the ceiling the same color as the walls, it may not suit everyone but I love it. I did the same thing in both bathrooms and it's great. My mom would never go for it though, ceilings are white in her world. In my world, especially with me not having the patience to draw a straight line to trim, ceilings are the same color as the walls!

Cleo helped with the paint by brushing by it and getting it all over her. It will be on there til spring when she gets a haircut. (OK, not sure what is going on with the date on the picture, must have jumped way into the future. I don't like having the date on the pictures but with this new camera I have not taken the time to figure out how to take it off.)

My new computer desk. There's not much room to store anything, bad for me good for "no clutter". Although if you saw it now it had stuff all over it that I have no where to put it. We will be getting a black filing cabinet, all paperwork will go into it so that will help.
I'm also looking for a really cool shelf for over the desk.... I just went on a 20 min. search for a shelf picture online but there is nothing like what I want. I'm probably going to have to make it.

Nice, huh? No crossbows over the bed. Now we don't want to hang up anything. Amy has the perfect, coolest picture thing but she isn't giving it up.
Next we start on the kitchen.

Til next time,

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