Saturday, January 24, 2009

Now the Kitchen

The main problem with remodeling in the winter is -where to put all the de-construction junk!

All the ripped off paneling can't just be thrown out on the deck.

Plus, we tore down a large (ugly) pantry that was FULL so where do we put all of the food too.

I fit most of the food in the other cupboards, after getting rid of all the stuff we don't ever use. As far as the piles of wood, most of it went out to the trash last week so it is much better now.

Here is the back of the large ugly pantry.

Now the paneling is removed and Kevin is unhooking the electric boxes and switches. Most of it gone.




Almost gone.

Now for a break in the remodel to check out my basket of eggs. They aren't laying too much now so each egg is like gold to me.

Check out this awesome rooster that my mom got for me for Christmas. His tail has measuring spoons in it. They slide right in the center of the tail.

See, how cool! I love him.

This turkey decided to hang out on the frame to our shade tent.

We had a foot of snow and -11 degree temperatures but nothing fazes our big hairy monster of a dog. She laid there for a while (quite a while) and the snow doesn't even melt.

She brings it right in and shakes it off in the house, nice!

(Back to the kitchen.) Now the pantry is all gone and here is the beam in place.

Now we have all this room to move around, heaven!

The island will go where the old ugly tile is. I guess we are going to build one. I found a really cool one on Craig's List but it was a little too pricey so we will go with the homemade one.

Kinda something like this.

This is my inspiration for the kitchen. Kevin is going to make new cupboards for the upper shelves and we are going to reface the lowers. I want some open ones like in the picture for dishes and he's going to make some with solid doors and maybe some glass doors too.
It's kind of funny cause the handles on these cupboards are exactly the same as what's on mine and I hate them.

They look so nice on the cupboards in the other picture.

Actually, it doesn't really matter how nice they look in the inspiration kitchen because there is no way I could use them after hating them all this time. How dumb is the placement of the handles anyway, right in the middle of the door, what were they thinking.

More to come,



sariah said...

Wow, you guys are doing a lot of work! I sympathize because we did the same sort of thing in our last house. All new kitchen, flooring, plumbing, bathrooms, walls ripped out, etc. We had a dusty mess and compressors in the kitchen for waaaaay too long but it was all worth it in the end.

What do you mean by refacing the cabinets? Are you going to sand them down and refinish? or antique them? Just curious.

Kevin and Beth said...

Hi! We are going to take the fronts off(the front frame cause they are made of some fake wood stuff) and make new fronts from real wood and then paint them. Then we will just paint the doors. We may most likely make new doors, depends on how easy it is when we make the upper doors. We want the cupboards to go all the way to the ceiling, there's lots of unused space up there. I'm so excited, I can't wait and I LOVE remodeling! Even don't mind the mess. Our compressor never left the house from the last remodel. I should build an end table to go over it. It will be here for awhile. lol