Saturday, December 6, 2008

19 Degrees


It is so cold out that when I went out to feed and break ice in some of the unheated water buckets this morning my head actually hurt from the cold. It didn't help that someone (Kevin) doesn't like the hoods on the snowmobile suits and takes them off. I lectured the kids yesterday about it too.

I found out that it was off when my head got to the freezing point and I decided to put it on. I was already too far from the house to go back and get it and I wasn't going to out be out there that long anyway.

Buddy (the goose) has hurt his foot and stands around all day with on foot held up off the ground, poor guy. No pictures, too cold out besides, the geese look the same in every picture.

He's eating, talking and limping around so it's not hurting him too much. Frustrating, what do you do for a goose with a hurt foot? I have been keeping him in the chicken house most nights and yesterday I kept him in there all day. He couldn't wait to get out and stretch and flap his wings when I let out this morning. I just checked him and he and Flipper are laying down by the water bucket.

Here is another reason that Kevin doesn't like chickens on our side of the fence. I took these pictures a while ago but I was too lazy to post them.

They love to roost on everything and anything.

One by one they slowly left. I hate to chase them away cause I think they are so cute. I think if I lived in the olden days my animals would live in the house with me. Or maybe I would have lived in the barn. If only they knew enough to not leave messes on the table and deck.

It looks like a statue or a table decoration. I hope my sisters husband doesn't see these pictures. He will never eat at this table again. I am slowly turning him into a country boy. He was raised deep in the city, no chickens, barns (except the kind you put your lawn mower into), or any signs of country life. Except maybe a crazy lost deer jumping through your back yard once in a while. He WILL be helping next time we butcher chickens summer.
Amy (my sister, his wife) will help me gut and clean. He always keeps his yard perfect, I'll go look and see if I have pictures of it..hold on
I didn't find any but look at the cool free pictures that I found on the web a week ago. (Do I have ADD or what)
I am going to print and frame the ones of the chickens and hang them in my kitchen when we remodel.

Anyway, his yard is so perfect that I don't think he could believe that we let a few chickens run around near the house and not clean up after them. Actually, it bothers Kevin too. I just know enough to not go outside barefoot, ever. Flip flops can even be dangerous if you go into the chicken yard. Turkeys messes are really big. Just wait til we get cattle and a couple hogs. Boots, definitely!

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Farm Chick Paula said...

Ooooh brrrrr... love those 19 degree mornings, Beth!! And it takes forever for those crazy little chicken waterers to thaw!!