Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Odd Egg

When I went to gather eggs the other day I came across this very odd egg.

I have looked at other odd eggs on the internet but have not seen one quite like this. There are pictures of eggs with one egg formed inside the other, one shaped like a shoe, one with a tail but none with seams.

This must have been two eggs that hooked together.

Here it is next to an apple. The apple was not huge but you can see that the egg is rather long, it looked really funny.
Of course when I cracked it it held two yolkes. One with lots of white and one with not so much white. Very odd but very delicious. I made bacon and egg quesadillias with them. Yummy!
Til next time,


sariah said...

Wow! How odd that the yolks looked so different from each other... Raising chickens (children too for that matter) adds an element of variety and surprise to life- don't you think?

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is a strange one!! It even has a little "wart" on top! LOL
A double-yoker is always good no matter what the outside looks like!!