Thursday, October 1, 2009

Morning Glories!

The other day I was on the computer and heard some turkey clucking and purring noises, (I guess that's how you describe their sounds). I looked out because they should not be close enough to the house for me to hear them.

They walked over the fence again. These turkeys are not capable of flight so they must have walked, no other way to get out.
I tried to get them off of the deck with a broom but meat turkeys are so friendly that they weren't even scared. They just kept spreading in different directions.

Finally, my morning glories are blooming.

Aren't they the most beautiful thing in the world! I love blue flowers.

Plus, there are a few that are really stunning. They have streaky stripes and faded colors.

I'm not sure if this is normal but it's beautiful. I wonder if I can save the seed? That would be cool.

A cute little honey bee.

So pretty!

I planted them on the garden fence along the driveway, I'm not sure how long they will bloom but I'm happy for these.
Til next time,


small farm girl said...

Your flowers are beautiful. We have them growing wild around here. They are almost a pain there are soooo many.

picaboblu said...

Since cobalt is my favorite color I would have thought I'd like the solid colored ones. . .but the stripy ones are gorgeous!

sariah said...

Your flowers look so fresh and beautiful-almost like springtime! We got snow here 3 days ago and a pretty good freeze last night, so nothing looks very spring-like around here.

Kelle said...

What makes you think your turkeys can't fly? Have you clipped a wing? Our Tom turkeys weigh approx. 45-50lbs and they fly up to roost on the top of the shelter every night, 10-12 ft high.

Those morning glories are beautiful! If they were from hybrid seed collecting seed may not work, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Blessings for your day

Mom said...

Beth~ Were your seeds for solid blue or were they striped? I kept the seeds from my solid blue morning glories last year and planted them this year and they came back more magenta-deep purple than blue!~ Debby

Kevin and Beth said...

Hi everyone,
My competer is down so it will be awhile until I can post.

Anyway, Kelle, the turkeys can't fly because they are meat birds, way too heavy.

I think...actually I have no idea what color the seed were. I'm thinking striped but then I think maybe idea.

I just loved them tho.