Saturday, September 19, 2009

September Happenings

I just downloaded 181 pictures but I have so much to do today that I only have time for a quickie update. I started this at about 7:00 am and just finishing it at 7:00 pm.

Here is a garbage can full of beets to can today. (UPDATE AT 7:00 pm-DONE)

That's a bunch of beets. A guy I work with has pears, jelly and a bunch of other stuff he canned but he has no beets so some of these beets will be traded for pears and jelly!

I spent 30 minutes scrubbing these jars, they were a freebie from a friend but only because they were so dirty nobody wanted to buy them from her garage sale.

A bushel of apples to make into apple sauce, apple butter, pie filling tomorrow plus we need to make salsa and I don't even know how I will because of the beets I am tired.

One of the reasons is because I have to walk around her all day when I try to work in the kitchen. Either she lays right there or along one of the cupboards. I try to make her move but she just lays down in another spot. Always on the alert for a falling piece of whatever, today she was eating beet scraps.

The Thanksgiving turkeys getting big. See how the fence is leaning? Sometimes they take a notion and the walk over the fence, en masse, pushing it until it leans over and they can walk through.

Beans, still more on the bushes to do but I don't care right now but I'm sure I will do them or I will be mad next winter.

My new processor, I burnt up the old one grating crap loads of zucchini.

Picked peppers, still more to do but ya know?

Here is why I am tired. They look yummy though.

I took this picture a few weeks ago, it is a bushel gourd flower, one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen, looks like fine lace doesn't it?
Til next time, Beth


Stone Bridge Farm said...

I am tired just reading what you have been doing..haha.

I love the flower!

Diane said...

I am with Stone Bridge...I am pooped.
Saying that you have my admiration.
You go girl!

Kelle said...

Yep! you're a busy lady. Right now I can definatley relate!

Can I give you a hint? When the beans are running me over, I let some stay on the vine, to fully mature and then harvest and dry, for the bean inside. I use these dried beans in casseroles,soups and even chili. The Kentucky Wonder, pole beans are much like a navy bean when dried. This makes me feel like I'm not wasting anything, I also have all OP seed stock, so save the best seed for next seasons crops.


small farm girl said...

Your beets look wonderful! I love canning beets. Hubby doesn't like them that much, but that's ok. Leaves more for me. lol

amy said...

Hey that picture of Cleo looks like that Mutant Canine on Monster quest. You know the show Tom loves to watch. See ya (btw i want some beets. sorry couldn't come and help you. and i have to work this sat. yuck!)

sariah said...

Whoooeee!! You are one busy woman! Looks like you're swimming in edible abundance....happy harvest. :-)

Lulda Casadaga said...

I snuck in from Marmies...
Good luck with your canning. It will all be worth it I'm sure. You are lucky to be living this life style.

Love the picture of the tired pooch! :)