Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Found the Missing Eggs!

Our Bronze turkeys abruptly stopped laying so we thought they were done for the year. Usually turkeys stop laying, I thought, around June so it was no surprise. But then one day we noticed the hens staying back in the long grass so we checked it out and we found this!

There are two separate piles so each hen is sitting on her own bunch. I think they should hatch (if they do) around the end of July. That would be indescribably awesome!

We put all the young turkeys and chickens out in the chicken house because I was tired of cleaning up after them. Here they are, very happy. The only problem is 50 meat birds arrived in the mail Monday and they are now in my living room. Yuck...we have to build a brooder out in the barn, quick! I also got 10 Cuckoo Marans (they are dark egg laying chickens, also called chocolate eggers), and they will stay in the house a little while longer.

Kevin took last week off and painted the house. Here it is before and below is after.

It looks much better in person than it does in the picture. We need to tidy up the deck and put some better rails. We have come up with a different way to finish the block at the bottom, I will take some pictures when we finish it this weekend.

As you can see, the block is not very pretty. We would like to put stone around it but the price is too much for us right now. I have never seen anyone finish their block the way we are going to do it so it will either be pretty cool or not, we'll see.

There is so much to do but most nights we take Flipper and Buddy and go and sit by the pond and watch them swim. Flipper loves to swim with the kids. He swims underwater at full speed right at them and then pops up right in front of them. It freaks them out a little so it's pretty fun to watch. I will take a movie and post it soon.

This weekend it will be all painting and work. Next weekend we are going to a big swap meet at Mt. Hope Auction in the Amish area. They have all kind of cool stuff there. Even baby foxes and all kinds of chickens, goats, eggs and whatever for sale. I'm hoping to stop and pick up some cheese and spices at one of the bulk food stores there. I really want to go to Lehman's Hardware too. I love that place!

See ya everyone,

(Hi Mike! I loved hearing you tell stories at the bonfire on the 4th)


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Anne said...

What a cache! Your house looks beautiful!