Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Turkeys, Meat Birds and Flowers

I was able to catch the moms with the babies in the short grass and got to film them for a couple minutes until the entourage of miscellaneous farm yard birds followed me and scared them off into the high grass. I go back and peek at them almost every half hour. They look exactly the same every time I look but now the moms think I'm a stalker and walk away when they see me coming.

It's Sunday morning and I am doing laundry and blogging. I feel guilty if I don't blog but I don't feel guilty if I don't do laundry. What's up with that?

Last night when I went into the laundry room to start, I flipped on the light and no light. I asked Kevin to put in a new bulb because he can reach it and I have to go and get a chair and yada yada. When he reached up to unscrew it it came on, only loose bulb, problem solved. Anyhoo, this morning when I flip it on, as mentioned before, no light so I wiggled it and it came on. Not loose bulb, bad fixture, another can of worms altogether.

So I would wiggle, light comes on, two seconds later, light off, and on and on til I gave up and did laundry in the almost pitch dark. Go get a lamp you say? I am trying to get this blog done and don't have time to go get a lamp especially when I am obsessed with all the birds outside and check on them constantly. So I blindly put clothes in the washer. White stuff with dark stuff, colors with whatever. Not important, it's laundry, I don't care. Right now I'm not really sure what's in there, I think it's the kids beach towels and some jeans.

I don't have any fancy clothes at all, I had to go out for dinner Friday night and had not even a nicer T-shirt to wear, looked everywhere too. It was either wear the T-shirt that has the Piggly Wiggly logo on it or one of the kids' Halo 3 shirts. I opted for one of my = sleeveless T's that wasn't too wrinkled form off my shelf.

So, back to the blog, I need to focus. If I could type faster this would be 10,000 words longer.
Yesterday I walked around and took some random photos as I typically do when my camera is working and here are a few shots of what's doing at my house.

I have planted a passion flower at the base of the trellis, can't wait for it to grow, hope it gets big enough to bloom this year.

Here is the ever watchful Dominick and his girls.

One of my young Narragansett turkeys. They are the most beautiful birds. If all goes as planned we will have Narri poults for sale next spring.

Behind him is my Palm tom. Someone pulled out all his tail feathers so he looks funny strutting. Actually, he has not stopped strutting since he started last spring. The Bronze tom does not strut at all now, just follows this one around all day.

My Palm hen sitting on a clutch. She thinks I can't see her if she hides her head.

My broody Orpington hens. Don't even try to get an egg out from under these two. One of them bruised my hand one day. It's Kevin's job to collect eggs from this spot. We have marked 10 eggs and left them under them. We just take any new ones.

A pretty reflection on the pond.

I'm not sure if I put in a picture of my swing before or not. This is where I found the two clovers.

The meat birds. They are always very hungry! It's actually kinda scary.

My favorite Rhode Island Red hen. Her name is Red, not very original but for some reason it fits her.

I carry her around the like this whenever I am out by the chicken house. We both love it. If I pet her, especially under her wing, she goes to sleep.

The flowers by the pond.
(I just heard distress peeping coming from the front room and had to go check and there was a newly hatched poult. This is the fifth one to hatch from this group. I can't wait until they're done. We only have a few more to go.)
The bigger picture.
My Snow in Summer, one of my all time favorite perennials.

Daylilies, I love these colors.

An old favorite.
Some sort of weed but looks pretty.
Another sort of weed, the noxious type!
My poor pampas grass, not doing so good.
Really happy Black Eyed Susans.

Now it's time to go fumble around in the dark again and then I think I will have to go out and check on the baby turkeys!
See y'all,

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sugarcreekfarm said...

*sigh* I just LOVE turkeys! I'd be out there obsessing over them, too :) Maybe next year...