Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall 2010 Pictures From our Game Cam

Most of the pictures are like this and we have actually maybe 300 pictures of our neighbor mowing the lawn. Back and forth, back and forth. But I do think there is a deer running in the left part of this one.

But most are like this, just different angles of the sun. We get around 350 pictures every time we check the memory card and like I said, maybe 300 are of the sun.

And like this... more sun.

And then we get some like this.

There she (he?) goes.

Oh no! What is Buster doing back there at 10:00 at night!

And look who else is back there. I hope he is not the one stealing eggs.

Holy crap! What is that! Do I see pointy ears?

A coyote I'm afraid... Yikes! Waaaaaay too close to the chicken yard.

Awww... there they are.

That's an apple tree behind them.

Heading for the apples.

Does she smell something scary? That tail is way up.

Ohhhh yeah! See the antlers?

He's a nice one

Oh, this one sees the camera... or hears it.

I don't think he cares.

Uh oh.............................


Makes my husband's heart beat fast!



Double YIKES!!

What an amazing buck.


He's only coming in around at around 2:00 am. I bet we'll never see him during shooting hours. He didn't get that big by being careless.
I'm just happy that we've gotten these pictures.
Til next time,


small farm girl said...

Wow!!!! That is an awsome buck!!!! Now where is this camera set up? lol

sariah said...

Those pictures are so cool. I'd love to see what's wandering around my backyard at night!