Saturday, January 2, 2010

December 2009 and Deer

Here's the rundown of December 2009, mostly Christmas happenings.

We tried making Clothespin Cookies for the first time this year. My sisters came down to help and they turned out pretty good in spite of us.

Sprinkled with powdered sugar after they were filled.

Plus we made my Aunt Shirley's famous Oatmeal Candy Cane Cookies.

They are really delicious!

Of course we made cutouts too.

My grandma's old biscuit cutter is my favorite cookie cutter.

Diane's husband wanted oatmeal cookies. These weren't too pretty but they were really good!

Me and Amy filling the clothepin cookies. Diane hid from the camera.

But I found this one, she may not like it because she was talking and it doesn't look like her.

Here's where I found the recipe in an old Amish cookbook, one of my most favorite cookbooks. I had written "good" next to the recipe when I had made it years ago.

I found these curtains at the dollar store. I used jute for tiebacks cause they didn't come with any.

Then, Amy's husband needed a haircut. I worked as a hairdresser for a long time, don't miss it at all.

Bosco was hiding in the presents and I just realized that this is the only picture I have of our Christmas tree.

Buster, our other kitty, left this for us. This is where I found it. He laid it ever so nicely on this Santa hat with it's little head resting on the fluffy white brim. It's fitting I guess.
What was weird was that it was a mole not a mouse. Where did he find a mole, that's crazy. I don't think he brought it in from outside but maybe he did. Do moles live in houses? I don't think so unless they have a dirt floor.

We had visitors on our back deck. Bosco didn't like them one bit.

Mr. Tom came to visit too. It's freezing out right now and I have to go out and feed and water them...and the chickens are not laying much right now. I'm having trouble seeing the rewards.

Our Game Cam

Kevin bought an outdoor camera for me way back in 2005 and we've never really used it much but he really wanted to see who was eating the corn he was setting out for the deer.

Cute huh?

Maybe a button buck or a little doe? See how big the ears look compared to it's head, must be young.

We never fixed the date on the camera, it still says 2005 I think.

He's checking to see who else has been there.

This is a bigger bodied deer.

Oooooo, look. A ten point.

A little small but still a ten point.

They don't seem to be at all afraid of the camera.

Or are they?

They sure do love that corn!
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small farm girl said...

My dad has a game tracker too. We love to look at the pictures. We seen racoons and coyotes too.

sariah said...

I've never heard of clothes pin cookies- what kind of filling did you put inside? My favorite desserts are homemade cookies of any type. (But with post baby body I should be steering clear!)