Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally, My Computer is Fixed!

I had a bunch of bad, bad viruses. All fixed now. I will be posting soon. I have lots of new pictures of remodeling, farm and happenings. My turkey eggs have hatched and all is well.

Be posting soon!



sariah said...

Hi there! I figured you must be pretty busy with spring happenings on your place. I'm glad you got your computer fixed- bet you are too.

EllaJac said...

I have a burning question, and am really hoping you can help me out...

We're in the process of (hopefully!) building a chicken plucker. We've bought materials, have chickens ready-to-go, and have run into a road block. We were supposed to get the 'plans' from some people who'd never gotten around to building theirs, and now they can't find them. I don't have time to order a book. We're having trouble determining pulley size for rpms and all that.

I know you built one of these, can you tell me what the best RPM speed should be, or the range of acceptable? Our motor (1 hp) is a bit bigger than they call for, and our driver-pulley is different, so I need to do some calculations to adjust for those -- but I don't know what I'm aiming for!

Sorry to write such a long question! I didn't see a contact/email button so I'm just posting here. You don't have to publish this, obviously, but if you could leave any information on my blog, I'd be so grateful!