Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Amy and Tom (sister and her husband) came to visit last weekend. It was a really nice day, we had brunch and I made pancakes, cooked up some homemade venison breakfast sausage and eggs from my chickens. Amy brought some maple syrup from a farm down the road from her. YUMMY!

We went for a long walk, first across the street where there is 100 acres of what used to big old trees. Well, for about, it seems, like a year, they have been logging it. Kinda depressing. The property is owned by a lawyer that lives in a town about a half an hour from here, I guess it's been in their family for a long time. There is a church camp there on the property somewhere. And there used to be huge old trees everywhere but now only small spindly ones survived the massacre. In this case it pays to be puny. I hope they're not going to sell the property.

Then we walked out back and I took that picture of the rock with the moss growing on it.

We went back to the tree stand that Kevin and Tom refurbished a while ago. Tom got up there and spruced it up a little. Swept it with a broom that I was very surprised that they had in there. Re-hung up the tarp that had had half fallen down and decided that they need to do a little more work to it before hunting season this fall.

Then he started playing air guitar with the broom.


He had the camera and took some pictures while Amy and I were walking around the pond hoping to see all kinds of things that we didn't, like water lilys, frogs, fish, flowers, maybe a turtle or I'll even take a snake at this point.

Then I spotted him with the camera so Amy and I posed for some pictures that I will not share here. Posed pictures sometimes are not very pretty.

He decided to take Amy for a ride and try out the paddle boat that Eileen gave us last fall. This is the first time it has been warm enough with no ice on the lake to try it out. Puppy decided to take a ride with them. She loves to get on the water as long as she doesn't get wet.

Who's taking whom for the ride, I don't think he is paddling.

She is of course.

I found these next two pictures when I downloaded them from my camera onto my computer. I knew I should have worried when I saw him with the camera

With Tom and a camera you never know what will show up on the film.... or I guess, show up on the hard drive is more correct.

Can you guess?

Til next time,



amy said...

Hey Beth,
That was a FUN day. Loved the paddle boat (even tho I did ALL the work!) I can't wait till your next blog. Love seeing all the pictures!
Your sis,

amy said...

Oh and by the way the breakfast was very YUMMY!